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XF-CC Bannerday

Hi Agents, hello XF-CC friends, juhu cross-factioneers!

2018 is a great year for XF-CC Europe, and today we finally can lift the secret of the weekend Friday 29th of June till Sunday 1st of July! This year is the first for us to host a proper XF-CC Meeting, and we’re really so, so excited already :)))

Imagine: guided mission banner tours in the nearby play zones like the beautiful Utrecht during the Weekend. A XF-mission-adventure weekend! Missions created by @DaiyaDawn and http://sandara.deviantart.com featuring @vreezy ! Barbecue and more than enough beer, workshops for those interested, or just sit together at a bonfire discussing ingress and non ingress-related stuff in relaxed atmosphere with fun people. Surprises. And maybe, just maybe, even with a very special guest attending..

What relaxed atmosphere? Now for the best part – we organized a complete camping site including a house with tall sleeping rooms for the weekend.. that whole thing will feel more like a festival than a mere ingress related meet-and-greet, latest when having a beer at the bonfire πŸ™‚

Places are limited – so hurry up, come and join the XF-CC Mission Adventure 2018 featuring XF Bannerday 2018 on Saturday!


For more information and/or socializing try one (or all) of the many options:

Telegram News ChannelΒ 
Telegram Social ChannelΒ 
G+ Community


how about costs?

Sleeping on-site is 5€ per night/person (own tent or big dorm without beds – please bring bedroll and camping mat)

Barbecue will be 13€ per person and night, soft drinks included

Breakfast 4€ per person and morning, coffee/tea included (more details in the registration form)

you said beer… What about beer??

0,33 for 1€ πŸ™‚ Β Same goes for Soft Drinks as well, case someone is interested.

is sleeping on-site a requirement for participating?

Of course not! It’s strongly recommended, though.. after all- BEER! And fun people! If you prefer more privacy, there’s of course lots of hotels in Utrecht

I can only come one night, what do I do?

Come over! You stay one night, you only pay one night – and we’d love to see you even if you cannot attend all weekend πŸ™‚

how about Swag??

Guys, this is an XF-CC event, what are you thinking?? Visit our new Swag-Shop to get your favorite design and piece!

XF-CC Swag-ShopΒ 

I’mΒ  so in, where do I register?!

Google Form

Easy, just fill out the Google Form.

I have more questions!

Not a problem! Feel free to contact @Domfire, @Sv3nvs or @DasHaku in Telegram, we’ll do our best to help out πŸ™‚

this FAQ is really short…

Ask questions, so we can add answers πŸ™‚ This is work in progress!